Total Tools Logs: 6

Hours Worked: 9.5

Bob Kosar Project Visit! Rivet Shank Removal Tool

Hours:  2

Jun. 27, 2018

Bob Kosar (EAA74 member and turbine kit helicopter builder) was kind enough to stop by and take a look at my progress.  As I recently discovered that my “coupon” method of countersinking the HS spars is no good I thought...

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Drill Press, C-Frame, DRDT-2 LASER


May. 17, 2018

So I found it rather difucult to locate the male dimple die in the skins for the VS when I was dimpling them in the DRDT-2.  I did see where a guy had taken apart a laser, done some soldering...

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HobbyAir 2 Install Complete

Hours:  1.5

Apr. 01, 2018

After much contemplation I decided to place the hobby air inside my office, drill a hole through the office wall into the garage, and then drill a hole through the exterior concrete block to place the “thru wall fitting” in...

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Fresh Air System – Info/Decision

Hours:  6

Mar. 19, 2018

Well as it turns out even if you can’t smell any fumes death can still be in the air.  Non human detectable heavy metals and other nasty compounds can accumulate through your body via your breath AND also through your...

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Torque Wrench – Solved!


Mar. 10, 2018

My standard operating procedure is to tighten a threaded fastener until it snaps and back off a quarter turn.  While this works on the washing machine and the lawn mower, the RV-10 is not a place where this method is...

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Shrink Tube Printer – Brady BMP21-Plus


Mar. 07, 2018

Was looking through a few kitlog builders sites and ran across this wonderful heat shrink label printer Peter McBain had (Peter’s BMP21-Plus). After taking the Sportair workshop I was aware these labelers existed but could not find one with a decent...

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